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A short explanation of the registration and submission process

The registration and submission process.
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Who can participate?

Participation is open to individuals, companies, organizations and institutions developing software or acting as a service provider of a software application improving or facilitating the user's relationship and daily work with his clients.

Who can submit?

Individuals, companies, organizations and institutions can submit the software as a service provider or a software producer.

What can be submitted?

Software products with exceptional applications, modules, features, support, process supporting program components or features in the following categories.

Which are the award categories?

  • Address and contact data quality
    • e.g. address and/or data model, SmartData or external data enrichment, duplicate recognition and processing, Wizards for the data import (single data import as well as mass data import)
  • Lead and campaign management as well as communication
    • e.g. personalization and individualization, selection, decision tree representation of a campaign, playing the campaign in the different channels (multi-channel), lead management (with mobile apps), social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, shortcut to XING, LinkedIn etc.), e-mail-integration into the tool, call center integration, planning / controlling of campaigns and event management
  • Tools and workflow management
    • e.g. process definition and control, project management, dashboard, cockpit, intelligent search, office and special Excel integration, workflow support, visit report / forms, data connection, reporting, approval procedures, visit and tour planning as well as mobility
  • Offer and product configuration
    • e.g. Configurator, Variant Manager, Price Calculator, usage of data from different systems, price list and pictures
  • Service Management
    • e.g. self-service, helpdesk, ticketing, deployment planning, whatsapp service and social media complaint management
  • Social media
  • Mobility
  • Other categories:

If a category or keywords are not listed, please contact us. The jury reserves the right to assign submissions to a different category and to establish further special prices. Show Keyboard

What are the requirements for your participation?

Only producers or service providers of a software product or application are eligible for the award if they have developed the software solution as a stand-alone product by themselves or by means of independent additional programming or integration of additional features. Only products or features are evaluated which are available in the current version of the software which can be purchased, leased, booked, and used by clients.

Our evaluation process

Check for completeness and exploration of the documents submitted

Confirmation of submission and invoicing

Payment by the participant and thus official participation in the award

Assessment and decision by the jury

Information and invitation of the winners

The Award ceremony will take place at CEBIT tradeshow on March 21, 2017, in Hannover

Submission form

Please submit either

a) a MP4 video (max. 5 min or 200 MB) and/or

b) a PDF (max 15 charts / pages) about the most relevant part of the application or feature.

In the PDF or video, all notes, comments, and subtitles should be presented so self-explanatory that the uniqueness of the user or customer experience can be easily understood.

Submissions will not be returned. Please name a contact person who will participate in the award ceremony and accept the price in case of success.

General terms of participation

  • A separate submission is required for each category. That means that a software producer can only use a single submission for each category. Of course, he can submit several submission forms, which are each assigned to a further category.
  • Participation in more than one category will result in additional submission fees, depending on the date of submission (see deadlines).
  • With the submission, the full participation fees are due. Only fully paid participation fees will lead to final participation.
  • Participation fees paid once will not be refunded.
  • Incorrect submissions will be sent back as soon as possible and can be adapted or completed up to the submission deadline.
  • If all submitted documents are complete, final confirmation of participation will be sent by E-mail.
  • Inadequate or delayed, subsequently submitted subsections (see deadlines) won’t be counted. For this purpose, a separate info is sent to the submitting company.
  • The participant has no claim to the admission or to win any award. Any legal process against decisions of the jury or against the non-approval of any participation in the award process is excluded.
  • Submissions that do not meet the criteria above during the evaluation process or which are critical regarding the data protection law, can be excluded from the evaluation process by a simple majority decision of the jury.

Third Party Intellectual Property Rights

The participants assure not to infringe, for example, industrial property rights, trademark rights or other rights of third parties or to possess these necessary rights or the corresponding usage permit. The submitter shall release the organizer from all claims by the owner of the rights. The submitter guarantees the correctness of the information. These are used for the certificates and the publications within the framework of the competition.


Participation in the competition as well as the chances of an award or a placement are in no way dependent on the purchase of goods or the use of the organizer's paid or free services. The organizer or the jury is entitled to exclude participants, for example because of a breach of the participation conditions, without stating reasons.

Pricing and use for advertising purposes

The CASSIOPEIA Award is not endowed. The winners or second and third places will receive a trophy or certificate. For the commercial use, a license fee of 2,000 euros per category and year is payable in advance. A separate license agreement is concluded with the winner or user.


The organizer reserves the right to classify categories or not to award a prize within a category for reasons of quality. There is no legal right to a price. In the positive case, a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize will be awarded.

Deadlines & Fees

Your submission form will be only directed to the jury if you have paid in time. For your participation in the award, the following fees will be charged.

  • Early bird submission until January 16, 2017: Early bird benefit "2 for 1": Two submissions for the price of one - 250 Euro plus VAT includes up to two submissions, each additional submission will cost 250 Euro plus VAT.
  • For each submission from January 17th to February 10th, 2017: 250 Euro plus VAT per submission

After sending your online application, all participants will receive a confirmation by e-mail on the submission and an invoice as well (as a PDF file). Submissions later than February 11th, 2017 are no longer considered for the award.


With their participation in the competition, the participants agree that the submitted works may be used by the organizer as well as their media partners in the context of the application, documentation and reporting, and grant the organizer the necessary rights of use. Participants shall give the organizer and his media partners all non-exclusive, temporally and locally unlimited rights of use for all known types of exploitation.


In particular, the reproduction, distribution, exhibition, presentation, and performance rights, the right to broadcast, the right to reproduce by means of picture and phonograms, reproduce the work results in the original or in modified, edited or redesigned form, to publish, distribute, transmit via internet or wireless, the right to transfer the aforementioned rights of use to third parties, the right to grant these rights to third parties in advance.


The organizer and his media partners are entitled, but are not obliged, to publish, use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works, distribute, publicly perform, integrate into other works and translate the work submitted by the user. The right to public reproduction is, above all, the right to publicly make the above-mentioned submissions publicly accessible, for example via the Internet, from places and at the time of their choice.


At the award ceremony of the CASSIOPEIA Award, the winners will be asked to briefly present their project to the audience. Therefore, a contact person and a substitute, in the case of short-term absence, are required.


Languages in which documents can be submitted are German or English.

Privacy & Confidentiality

The participant agrees that his data collected through the application form is collected, stored and used for the purpose of the implementation and processing of the CASSIOPEIA Award

Exclusion Criteria

Software solutions which are not related to the topics of the categories are excluded from an application. According to the judgment of the jury, software solutions which have not yet been put into practice can also be excluded.