Cassiopeia AwarD

What characterizes this new award?

CASSIOPEIA, the premium User and Customer Experience award, is a premium award for excellent software vendors, software modules and software features making it much easier for the user (User Experience) to fulfill his or her work more efficiently and interacting with the customer as professionally as possible (Customer Experience).


CASSIOPEIA - the constellation of stars, which can be seen all year and gives us the path to the polar star as well. This image symbolizes the luminosity and brightness of a software application bringing the user a big step forward and showing the key market players, where user and customer experience will be directed.


By means of a sophisticated software application, customer management and the interaction between target group and customer is perfectly supported. Therefore, the focus of CASSIOPEIA will be within or in the combination of the following subject areas:

  • CRM – customer relationship management within marketing, sales and/or service
  • Internal collaboration between teams, departments and companies by intelligent customer usage or processing of these tools, e.g. smart personalization or customization within campaigns (online or offline)
  • Acquisition process for new customers, increasing customer loyalty or intelligent customer recovery.


The award honors software producers and/or service providers aligning their product or their features consistently at the user's benefit in the sense of a perfect customer experience management.


Through its format, the variety of award categories and/or functions, and the neutrality of the jury, Cassiopeia will be a benchmark for new developments of software producers and service providers as well as refinements, optimizations and innovations regarding User and Customer Experience.


For the award winners, it will be a strong argument and quality feature for their own advertising. For users, it is an important market overview of outstanding software providers and their product features. In any case, the award will be a quality seal, which gives all market participants a clear indication, which features are especially useful for daily work.

Which are the award categories?

Software products with exceptional applications, modules, features, support, process supporting program components or features in the following categories:

  • Address and contact data quality
  • Lead and campaign management as well as communication
  • Tools and workflow management
  • Offer and product configuration
  • Service Management
  • Social media
  • Mobility

Where does the award ceremony take place?

The Award ceremony will take place on 21.03.2017 at the CeBIT tradeshow in Hannover.


Who is the organizer of the award?

1A Relation is advising their clients in customer-centric strategical development, process efficiency, and software strategy (CRM, ERP, HCM).

 USP: Eight consultants, two of them with many years of software and technology expertise adding up to more than 150 years of CRM expertise.

1A Relation is one of the few large 100% producer-neutral software consultancies in the German speaking countries (D-A-CH region).